Friday, January 15, 2010

Venusity Blog Carnival: Week of January 11, 2010

I love blog carnivals because I discover interesting new websites and talented writers. As a blogger and Gatherer, I discover countless blog articles I want to share with others. I decided to create a weekly blog carnival at Venusity to spotlight all of them. 

If you have your own blog and want to be considered for our weekly blog carnival, send a quick message to me at Gather or at to so I can check you out. If I like one of your entries, you might appear on our next blog carnival!

Here is the first official Venusity blog carnival for January 11, 2010:

This is a blog for 2010 covering a woman's journey through new beginnings. Are you a skirt kind of girl? What do YOU feel comfortable wearing?

Do the kids get underfoot when you try to clean the house? This mom found a fantastic solution to this problem.

Incredible blog “Forced to Sit Down and Shut Up” written by an amazing woman with ALS.

Watch Venusity next week for another FABULOUS free giveaway from General Mills and My Blog Spark.  I'll be watching blogs over the weekend, too, for the following week's carnival.  We'll also feature another Blog Carnival on make us notice YOU!